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Joe is involved with various City and Regional committees, including 4 advisory committees which are held interactively with citizen participation, and 3 committees that are involved with the entire York Region.  The respective committees are as follows:


York Region Committees

Transportation Task Force


Markham Committees

Powerstream (2014- February 2017)

Board of Director - Powersteam


Standing committee appointments:

Environmental Issues Committee


Other Committees:

Toronto Liaison Committee

Boulevard Maintenance on Regional and Local Roads Working Group

E3 (Excellence through Efficiency & Effectiveness)Task Force

Windrow Plowing Task Force

Markham Enterprise Corporation

Advisory Committees:

Environmental Advisory Committee

Markham Village Train Station Community Centre Board 

Smart Commute Markham & Richmond Hill

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Joe Li is the Regional Councillor of Markham & York Region - A commitment to serve Markham. Born in India to working-class parents, Joe Li's passion for politics and success took root in his teens. While his father wanted him to work in the family business upon graduation, Joe knew he could achieve a higher purpose in life and traveled to Europe. While living in Sweden, years of hard work in the restaurant industry eventually paid off, enabling Joe to eventually own three Chinese food restaurants in Sweden. Achieving great personal success in Europe, Li always dreamed of coming to Canada - a dream that was realized in 1984. In a short time, he found his niche at the London Life Insurance Company. After several promotions, he held the prestigious title of director of Asian initiatives. VICommunity - Virtual Integrated Community, Powered by QCTI - QC Technologies Inc.