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Vision For 2018 - 2022

Moving Markham Forward:

 Keep property taxes low and reduce regional deficit of $2.9 billion by 25%

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Get a proposal approved for Automatic Waste Management Technologies to increase the efficiency
of our Waste Management Program
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 Create job opportunities with the 31st World Hakka Conference & Markham Tourism Center
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 Provide Resources for community safety initiatives
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Reinstate the democratic process for an elected regional chair

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Joe Li is the Regional Councillor of Markham & York Region - A commitment to serve Markham. Born in India to working-class parents, Joe Li's passion for politics and success took root in his teens. While his father wanted him to work in the family business upon graduation, Joe knew he could achieve a higher purpose in life and traveled to Europe. While living in Sweden, years of hard work in the restaurant industry eventually paid off, enabling Joe to eventually own three Chinese food restaurants in Sweden. Achieving great personal success in Europe, Li always dreamed of coming to Canada - a dream that was realized in 1984. In a short time, he found his niche at the London Life Insurance Company. After several promotions, he held the prestigious title of director of Asian initiatives. VICommunity - Virtual Integrated Community, Powered by QCTI - QC Technologies Inc.